Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Clouds are so Pretty

We got General Vezax down on Friday night which left us two full nights to work on Yogg-Saron. Sunday was a complete mess. People were drawn into the fluffy green clouds like moths to a flame. I think we only managed to get to phase 2 maybe 3 or 4 times with less than about 8 watchers up. Last night it went much better. We managed to get to phase 2 fairly regularly, and we made steady progress. We only got to phase 3 once, and we had to many people down to do more than wipe at that point, but I'm pretty optimistic that we should be able to down him this week. The super leet raiders are pobably posting on forums about how easy Yogg is, but man there is a ton going on in that fight. I can certainly say its going to feel good when we finally get his ugly ass down.

In other raiding news Thorim dropped Vulmir, the Northern Tempest. Man thats a sweet looking hammer. He also dropped, Pattern: Belt of Dragons, so I scored two upgrades. I did have to drop about 1000 gold getting Leatherworking from 445-450. I hadn't bother previously as nothing required 450 LW to make.

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