Tuesday, August 19, 2008


< Fire and Blood > Made their first real attempt at the Sunwell last night. It took us a couple of hours to make it to Kalecgos, and we managed to get 6 attempts in on him before respawns caught up to us. Our best go was about 60% We had some healing issues mainly keeping people up in the Shadow realm. Another night or two of practice should make things go a lot better. So in light of the fact that T6 content only has one upgrade left for me I thought I'd post all the replacement gear. :)

My Sunwell gear wishlist

Head : Coif of Alleria - Kil'Jaeden

Neck : Clutch of Demise - Brutallus

Shoulders : Demontooth Shoulderguards - Twin Eredars

Back : Cloak of Unforgivable Sin - Kil'Jaeden

Chest : Bladed Chaos Tunic - M'uru or Carapace of Sun and Shadow - Crafted

Wrist : Shyshatter Wristguards - Kalecgos

Hands : Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets - Kil'Jaeden or Gloves of Immortal Dusk - Crafted

Waist : Skyshatter Girdle - Brutallus

Legs : Leggings of Immortal Night - Felmyst

Feet : Skyshatter Greaves - Felmyst

Finger : Band of Ruinous Delight - Twin Eredars

Trinket : Blackened Naaru Sliver - M'uru

Main Hand : Hand of the Deceiver - Kil'Jaeden

Off Hand : Mounting Vengeance -Trash HAVE

Monday, August 4, 2008

More Beta Changes

Flametongue Weapon: Now has a passive spell damage.
Nature’s Blessing no longer increases spell damage from Intellect, and the effect has been reduced to 5/10/15% from 10/20/30%. This is in result of the new spell power system. Players should notice little to no change in the power of the spell relevant to healing spells.
New Talent: Tidal Force- Increases the critical effect chance of your Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave and Chain Heal by 60%. Each critical heal reduces the chance by 20% and lasts 20 seconds.
Stoneclaw Totem: Health of the Stoneclaw totem is increased by 5% of the Shaman’s total health.
The range of all “friendly totems” has been increased to 30 yards, up from 20.
Totemic Mastery talent removed and replaced with “Tidal Force”.

The totem range change is awesome.

The rest.. meh


Well the last weak spot in my dps set was my trinkets. Ashtongue Talisman and Tsunami weren't bad, but I really did need to get the Shard of Contempt I hadn't seen it drop before, and everyone is sick of Heroic Mr.T, so I had mostly ignored the fact that I needed it. Finally I cajoled enough people into running it with me Saturday night, and got it to drop. So one down and one to go.

< Fire and Blood > has been running Gruul's every week march and I've only seen the Dragonspine trophy drop once. I passed on it so our best rogue could get it. DST dropped one other time, when I wasn't in the raid too. So anyways that's the second best trinket, but who knows if I'll ever see it. Out hunters all want it too. So that brings me to last night and Madness of the Betrayer drops. I'll take the 3rd best trinket. :)

That just leaves me the Belt from Vashj and the Ring from Illidan as upgrades. Outside of Sunwell that is. Lots of goodies there. We took a peek in last week, and decided we needed to farm BT a bit more.