Tuesday, August 19, 2008


< Fire and Blood > Made their first real attempt at the Sunwell last night. It took us a couple of hours to make it to Kalecgos, and we managed to get 6 attempts in on him before respawns caught up to us. Our best go was about 60% We had some healing issues mainly keeping people up in the Shadow realm. Another night or two of practice should make things go a lot better. So in light of the fact that T6 content only has one upgrade left for me I thought I'd post all the replacement gear. :)

My Sunwell gear wishlist

Head : Coif of Alleria - Kil'Jaeden

Neck : Clutch of Demise - Brutallus

Shoulders : Demontooth Shoulderguards - Twin Eredars

Back : Cloak of Unforgivable Sin - Kil'Jaeden

Chest : Bladed Chaos Tunic - M'uru or Carapace of Sun and Shadow - Crafted

Wrist : Shyshatter Wristguards - Kalecgos

Hands : Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets - Kil'Jaeden or Gloves of Immortal Dusk - Crafted

Waist : Skyshatter Girdle - Brutallus

Legs : Leggings of Immortal Night - Felmyst

Feet : Skyshatter Greaves - Felmyst

Finger : Band of Ruinous Delight - Twin Eredars

Trinket : Blackened Naaru Sliver - M'uru

Main Hand : Hand of the Deceiver - Kil'Jaeden

Off Hand : Mounting Vengeance -Trash HAVE

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