Thursday, October 28, 2010

Really GC?

So Enhancemnt finnaly got a reply in a thread.
Of course it wasnt the mostly well thought out and discussed 20 concern thread, it was in the thread where some guy need to say he was happy with the class because of indoor Ghost Wolf....

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE indoor Ghost Wolf. Its the cat's pajamas. But why does that thread get the attention. Look I'm sure that the other threads get read as well, but once again it seems that Blizzards data is not the same that the Shaman community seems to see.

We are seeing Enhancement at about the same dps they were at before at level 80, and are competitive with e.g. Fury warriors, Ret paladins and Unholy DKs at 85 as far as PvE dps goes. As always, it depends a lot on the encounter and the individual behind the keyboard.

If you find that is not the case for you, let us know, but it would be helpful to provide something more than anecdotal information.
Lead Systems Designer
So I'm not on the beta, I dont know what things are like at 85, but at 80 my dps is lower on static fights, while its a bit better on dynamic fights. On average it may be about the same, but on the benchmark fights where I used to be top 5, I'm now bottom 5.  As shown with my post yesterday with the worlds best players we are behind every other hybrid dpser. Now I know someone has to be last, but it seems like its us far to often.

My Saurfang Parse form last night was better than last week. I climbed up to 13th on the meters and my dps was  up to 15.4k  Thats still 1k  under what I was pulling pre patch, and thats with replacing 264 Tiny Abomb with the 271 Sharpend Twilight Scale.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enhancement DPS

So I found a parse on WoL rankings for Enhancement Shaman  that was post 4.0.1
The guy pulled 18.4k dps on Saurfang.  Which is very impressivve.  Its still well below the top parse pre patch.

The really sad part?
He was 17th in damage in the fight for the raid. So the #14 Enhance parse in the world finished  behind every other dpser in his raid, aside from an anomoly of a boomkin.

And this is our BEST fight.

Its a bit discouraging with other classes pulling up to 33k.
Ok so that's Mages

But lets look at the other  melee hybrids tops dps scores since 4.0.1
Feral 23.5k
Ret 22.6
Fury 26.9
Arms 18.5
Frost DK 21.9
Unholy 26.2

Now who else did the patch screw up.
Well combat got borked. I had to scan down until the 183rd ranked parse to find a post patch ranking
still it was 19.4k which is 1000dps better than the best Enhance parse.

There is a 20 plus page thread of concens on the forums.
No response from Blizzard to this point.

There is a new beta build out there.  lots of adjustments,  the only one for Shamans was increasing the cost of Chain Heal.  Hopefully our issues get addressed at some point.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where did my DPS go?

My combat log got messed up last Wednesday on farm night, so I had to wait until last night to compare how I was doing pre and post patch.

I'll use Saurfang as a comparison.

10/6 raid   #2 on the meters @ 16046 dps
10/20 raid  #16 on the meters @ 14663 dps
a 1400 dps drop and 14 slots on the meters. Ouch that hurts.

Now some of it might be the use of fire totems. I haven't been using fire elemental since the patch.  Purely on the totems dps it looks like the fire elemental did 1750 dps and the searing did 1242 dps, so thats 500 there. No Fire Nova is another 603 dps. however that's in a vacuum.  There is also the loss of searing flames to consider, if I used the fire elemental. Searing Flames did 337 dps, in addition to that there is the Improved Lava Lash buff to consider. Lava lash is out hardest hitting ability now and a 5 stack of searing flames buffs that by 100%. Next week I'll try it with the elemental and compare.

But the thing that stick out the most to me is the loss of white damage.
4825dps vs. 2598dps
That's a 46% loss there.
Windfury dropped from  1893dps tp 1135dps

Somethings up with manifest anger as well. MH hits went from 201dps to 70dps
Spell damage stayed about the same.

Lava Lash as I mentioned shot through the roof, from  505dps to 2362dps, a whooping  467% increase.

I think a lot of this drop off is due to several things. First we had  only 1 rogue on 10/6 so I got his ToT's. However I had even better dps the week before pulling 16273 w/o ToT's. I think a big things is the further consolidation of raid buffs. Kings down to 5% and merged with Mark of the Wild, loss of the hit buffs, lowering of the haste buff, loss of improved SOE. As hybrids we lose on both the melee and spellpower nerfs.  I had to add hit, and mastery to keep my magical damage on about the same level,  I lost a ton of haste regemming and from the relic slot change, and the WF nerf. Plus they nerfed the amount of haste gained per point of rating as well.

Strat fu link to compare the parses.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you ready for 4.01?

So 4.01 is supposed to drop tomorrow, which means a lot of big changes for Enhancement.
New Talent tree, Changes to Stats, Reforging, New Glyphs, New rotations, its a lot.

These changes are balance around level 85, not 80, but we still have 8 weeks until Cataclysm come out, so that's 2 months of dealing with the changes on current content.

Talents and Glyphs

Lets start with spec. I'm leaning towards this 5/31/0 build for level 80. Its skipping Improved Shields in favor of Totemic Reach. Working on Heroic LK I think a larger radius is worth it.

For glyphs some more testing might be needed but Feral Spirits and Lava Lash seem to be the top 2. With the change to Stormstrike that glyph is probably not a top 3 glyph. I'll go with Windfury at least until More data is available.


The other thing we will all need to do is Reforge and Re-gem.
Agility is going to be our king stat. It provides AP, Spellpower through Mental Quickness, and Crit. We still want to cap spell hit and expertise, but not at the expense of Agi.  Since you can't reforge into Agi, you want to try and cap Hit/Exp through reforging.

If a gear has no hit, reforge haste or crit to hit. If it has hit reforge haste or crit to expertise.
If it has hit + mastery reforge mastery to exp.
If it has exp + mastery reforge mastery to hit.

Now our caps are changing as well. 
The 3% raid buff from a Shadow Priest or Boomkin are going away. So out new spell hit cap is 446 hit rating.
Unleashed rage is only providing  8 expertise rather than 9 and the Orc Racial for Axe/Fist is down to 3 expertise from 5. So we will need more expertise on our gear to reach 26. So 149 for non-orcs and 123 for orcs with axe/fist weapons.

For gemming  Gem Agi unless there is a very good socket bonus
Use Agi/Mastery gems for Yellow sockets
Use Agi/Hit for Blue sockets.


I need to do some better testing with rotation as well, but since Fire Nova no longer works with Searing Totem, its out of our single target rotation. I'm also not sure where Fire elemental will come in in relation to Searing totem yet. But it looks like out single target rotation will be close to something like this.

Drop totems first

SR (2pc T10)

Once Rawr and Enhsim are fully updated this might change, but early testing seems to indicate that our priority queue is a bit more forgiving than it used to be.

Things should be interesting.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Level 85 ratings

From EJ

Level 85 caps

Melee Hit : 120.109 which means with base 6% from dual wielding we need 241 hit to cap our specials.
Expertise : 30.0272 which means with 2/2 Unleashed Rage we need 541 expertise to cap.
Spell Hit : 102.446 which means we need 1742 hit to cap for raid bosses (at 17%)

That is a buttload of Hit.  542 Expertise is a hefty number as well.  Perhaps we will need to spend on the spell hit Talent.