Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enhancement DPS

So I found a parse on WoL rankings for Enhancement Shaman  that was post 4.0.1
The guy pulled 18.4k dps on Saurfang.  Which is very impressivve.  Its still well below the top parse pre patch.

The really sad part?
He was 17th in damage in the fight for the raid. So the #14 Enhance parse in the world finished  behind every other dpser in his raid, aside from an anomoly of a boomkin.

And this is our BEST fight.

Its a bit discouraging with other classes pulling up to 33k.
Ok so that's Mages

But lets look at the other  melee hybrids tops dps scores since 4.0.1
Feral 23.5k
Ret 22.6
Fury 26.9
Arms 18.5
Frost DK 21.9
Unholy 26.2

Now who else did the patch screw up.
Well combat got borked. I had to scan down until the 183rd ranked parse to find a post patch ranking
still it was 19.4k which is 1000dps better than the best Enhance parse.

There is a 20 plus page thread of concens on the forums.
No response from Blizzard to this point.

There is a new beta build out there.  lots of adjustments,  the only one for Shamans was increasing the cost of Chain Heal.  Hopefully our issues get addressed at some point.

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