Thursday, October 28, 2010

Really GC?

So Enhancemnt finnaly got a reply in a thread.
Of course it wasnt the mostly well thought out and discussed 20 concern thread, it was in the thread where some guy need to say he was happy with the class because of indoor Ghost Wolf....

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE indoor Ghost Wolf. Its the cat's pajamas. But why does that thread get the attention. Look I'm sure that the other threads get read as well, but once again it seems that Blizzards data is not the same that the Shaman community seems to see.

We are seeing Enhancement at about the same dps they were at before at level 80, and are competitive with e.g. Fury warriors, Ret paladins and Unholy DKs at 85 as far as PvE dps goes. As always, it depends a lot on the encounter and the individual behind the keyboard.

If you find that is not the case for you, let us know, but it would be helpful to provide something more than anecdotal information.
Lead Systems Designer
So I'm not on the beta, I dont know what things are like at 85, but at 80 my dps is lower on static fights, while its a bit better on dynamic fights. On average it may be about the same, but on the benchmark fights where I used to be top 5, I'm now bottom 5.  As shown with my post yesterday with the worlds best players we are behind every other hybrid dpser. Now I know someone has to be last, but it seems like its us far to often.

My Saurfang Parse form last night was better than last week. I climbed up to 13th on the meters and my dps was  up to 15.4k  Thats still 1k  under what I was pulling pre patch, and thats with replacing 264 Tiny Abomb with the 271 Sharpend Twilight Scale.

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