Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beta Changes.

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

•Elemental Reach now also increases the range of Searing Totem by 7/15 yards.

•Windfury Weapon now deals 40% of weapon damage when Unleash Elements is used, up from 20%.

Doubling the direct damge portion of UE-WF is a decent change. From what I've been hearing the dd portion of that is next to nothing right now.  The longer searing range is nice for Elementals.  Wish they'd made it baseline though.

Fire and Blood did an achievement run last night. We'd had several people who were missing out on some of the chieves for their frostwyrms. It all went pretty smoothly, aside from Sindragosa.  Frost tomb placement got a bit dicey, and we ened up having a tank get a 6th stack when the boss was at 1%. Dots took him down, so looks like we get to do that wonderful all you can eat again next week.

I had a pretty good Saurfang parse pulled 17.4 k
Of course that was with a rogue tricksing me, since there were no other rogues for him to trade with last night.

Not sure where I gained all the dps from last week. Tricks is maybe 500 dps at best.  looks like I had quite a few more Lightning Bolts.  and a bit better percentage of Lava Lash crits. I had more than 50% more WF hits as well.  Looks like RNG was good to me this week, or bad to me last.


Chris said...

There is a new beta change upcoming allready

* Windfury Weapon now deals 125% weapon damage when Unleash Elements is used, up from 40%.

Race said...

Chris, apparently it was bad tooltip info.

Rouncer posted on what his testing was showing, that in addition to the increase to 125%dd the melee speed increse was doubled to 40% baseline 60% talented.

I've added the change to the latest post.