Friday, November 5, 2010

Epic Head

We didn't have the ideal group for Heroic RS last night, so we just killed it normal and did a chieve run in Uldaur and got a number of people their Ironbounds. Which is nice as its just about the coolest mount in the game IMO.  Except for Mimiron's head.  That's cooler.

My raid leader ninja'd master looter from me while we were on a break before Yogg 0, so when it came time to distribute the spoils I was out voted by the officers, and they gave it to me. Sometimes its good to be GL.

Also there is an update to the ptr.

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

•Windfury Weapon now deals 125% weapon damage when Unleash Elements is used, up from 40%.
A very nice buff, to what had been looking like an underwhelming ability.

According to Rouncer over on EJ its also increased the haste buff to our next 6 from 20% to 40% which then become 60% with 2/2 elemental weapons.
All together that should be a nice 4-5% dps gain if I'm not mistaken.

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Jason said...

Gratz on Mim's head, it's a great mount. Just started reading your blog, and I'm enjoying it. I've been playing Enh since just before WotLK. I played all of vanilla on a rogue, then took off for all of BC.
I'm very disheartened on the state of our class.
Let's hope Blizz pulls it together before Cata.

Direwolf of Moonrunner