Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cataclysm thoughts.

So Wrath has ended and Cataclysm has come. Guilds are already claiming world firsts on Heroic Modes. FnB is 7/12 for T11 normal so far which puts us 6 bosses ahead of the next most progressed guild on QD.

Baelor is dressed in an ugly ass set of Blues, and he misses his Sanctified Frost Witch's gear terribly. All my non set epics have been Disenchanted,  My trade skills still need leveling,and I've a dozen new  raid fights to learn, not to mention half a dozen reps to grind up. And that's just on my main!. I've got to level my hunter to herb and skin, and the DK has mining and JC to worry about. plus in never for my 'Lock to 80 even, and he's my Scribe and Alchemist.

To top that off every time I see my nameplate its says Baelor < Recruit of Fire and Blood >.  Now ain't that a kick in the pants? I've been GM of this guild since starting it almost 3 years ago. Taken it from a bunch of casual rerolls into the top guild on server, and I'm an Mother F'ing recruit. Screw you Guild Rep!

Well that's the bad.

The good?  The new zones are fantastic. Aside from going overboard on cutscenes leveling was easy and a logical progression. The new raid bosses are all interesting so far. Leaping from boss to boss on Conclave of Winds is a hoot. Once the early grinding is done, and I can get back to my more sedate pace of outside raid play I think I'll be much happier.

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