Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where did my DPS go?

My combat log got messed up last Wednesday on farm night, so I had to wait until last night to compare how I was doing pre and post patch.

I'll use Saurfang as a comparison.

10/6 raid   #2 on the meters @ 16046 dps
10/20 raid  #16 on the meters @ 14663 dps
a 1400 dps drop and 14 slots on the meters. Ouch that hurts.

Now some of it might be the use of fire totems. I haven't been using fire elemental since the patch.  Purely on the totems dps it looks like the fire elemental did 1750 dps and the searing did 1242 dps, so thats 500 there. No Fire Nova is another 603 dps. however that's in a vacuum.  There is also the loss of searing flames to consider, if I used the fire elemental. Searing Flames did 337 dps, in addition to that there is the Improved Lava Lash buff to consider. Lava lash is out hardest hitting ability now and a 5 stack of searing flames buffs that by 100%. Next week I'll try it with the elemental and compare.

But the thing that stick out the most to me is the loss of white damage.
4825dps vs. 2598dps
That's a 46% loss there.
Windfury dropped from  1893dps tp 1135dps

Somethings up with manifest anger as well. MH hits went from 201dps to 70dps
Spell damage stayed about the same.

Lava Lash as I mentioned shot through the roof, from  505dps to 2362dps, a whooping  467% increase.

I think a lot of this drop off is due to several things. First we had  only 1 rogue on 10/6 so I got his ToT's. However I had even better dps the week before pulling 16273 w/o ToT's. I think a big things is the further consolidation of raid buffs. Kings down to 5% and merged with Mark of the Wild, loss of the hit buffs, lowering of the haste buff, loss of improved SOE. As hybrids we lose on both the melee and spellpower nerfs.  I had to add hit, and mastery to keep my magical damage on about the same level,  I lost a ton of haste regemming and from the relic slot change, and the WF nerf. Plus they nerfed the amount of haste gained per point of rating as well.

Strat fu link to compare the parses.

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