Monday, August 4, 2008


Well the last weak spot in my dps set was my trinkets. Ashtongue Talisman and Tsunami weren't bad, but I really did need to get the Shard of Contempt I hadn't seen it drop before, and everyone is sick of Heroic Mr.T, so I had mostly ignored the fact that I needed it. Finally I cajoled enough people into running it with me Saturday night, and got it to drop. So one down and one to go.

< Fire and Blood > has been running Gruul's every week march and I've only seen the Dragonspine trophy drop once. I passed on it so our best rogue could get it. DST dropped one other time, when I wasn't in the raid too. So anyways that's the second best trinket, but who knows if I'll ever see it. Out hunters all want it too. So that brings me to last night and Madness of the Betrayer drops. I'll take the 3rd best trinket. :)

That just leaves me the Belt from Vashj and the Ring from Illidan as upgrades. Outside of Sunwell that is. Lots of goodies there. We took a peek in last week, and decided we needed to farm BT a bit more.

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