Thursday, December 3, 2009

Antler video

I'm really starting to like this set more and more.

Been awhile since my last update. Progress took a bit of a hit for < Fire and Blood > last month. We beat our heads against the heroic Anub wall too much. Bad luck , bad RNG, bad attenedence, bad effort, bad execution, all conspired at various time to keep us from downing him. I'm guessing we had at least a couple hundred goes at him, had him down into single digits multiple times, but we just never quite got it all together. The big downside is that both our Tanks, including our raid leader got burnt out. So we are rebuilding out tanking corp which requires retraining and regearing. Still with all new tanks, we got through normal Toc and through Lord J on Heroic our first night this reset. Thats as far as all but 3 other guilds on our server have gotten. With Icecrown set to drop next week, I think It may be a while before we get back to Anub... Which sucks as I hate leaving content unfinished.

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Rich said...

Don't worry with gating you'll be back in ToGC on your second raid night of the week.

(Ps update your blogroll feed for big hit box)