Friday, July 23, 2010

More updates.

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•Shamanism is now a primary skill.
•Elemental Mastery no longer shares a cooldown with Nature's Swiftness and now also increases your Fire, Frost, and Nature damage by 15% for the duration of the spell.

•Shamanistic Rage reduces the mana cost of your skills, totems, and offensive spells by 90 for 15 sec.
•Ancestral Swiftness is back as a Tier 2 talent

As I edited my previous post to indicate, Ancestal swiftness is not being eliminated. Woot!

I'm a bit confused by the SR change. I'm hoping this is in addition to the normal mana regen rather than as replacement. But if so then its pretty useless, well at least in PvE, as the regen more than fills my bar.  I can see the being helpful in PvP though.  But to tell you the truth I'm kinda of tired of the developers shoving to many things into SR. First it was just used for regaining mana, then it added Damage Reduction, Then there is the T10 set bonus  of 12% additional damage, now its mana cost reduction.  Its gotten pretty cluttered in there.

Guild updates. 
Fire and Blood is still sitting at 11/12 HM in ICC. Heroic Sindragosa is giving us issues. Mainly with healers. We seem to need 8 of them in order to do the fight, and it seems like we cant ever get that many on when we get to her. So we end up having to kill her on normal which means no chance to work on Heroic LK.

We spent last night working on Heroic Halion.  We need a lot more work. We got to the point were we were getting to P2 but our positioning was bad, and we'd end up getting cleaved as soon as we ported down.

We have gone back and cleared some old content we never got to before.  I'd missed the time we went back for Algalon, so I picked up Astral Walker a couple of months ago. That title is a lot rarer than Kingslayer on QD, so I decided to wear that.  We also FINALLY got Heroic Anub down. Eight months late, but he's down. And FnB is the only guild on server with that kill. I guess no one else is sadistic enough to make their raiders  go back there. That fight nearly broke us back in the day. It probably cost us 10 people quitting or transferring.

Oh and our 10 man team got Heroic LK. I don't have time for 10 mans along with 25's so grats to them. Hopefully we'll get him on 25 soon.


Gronthe said...

Haven't been around for all the iterations of SR, but it seems to me that it should, by its name, you know, enrage you. It doesn't. Weird.

Anyway, yup, glad to see ancestral swiftness still around. Good news!

johnmlinn said...

Agree totally on SR. It's getting absurd. We need a real survivability CD that's not baked in with all this other crap. Not to mention we need another real damage CD too -- once we drop that 2pc 10T in cata, we're back down to our crappy wolves and FE.

Regarding F&B progress, it's funny but my guild is in a similar boat. For us Sindy is really easy though. Our problem is putricide. We had a lot of trouble on him until this week when the 30% buff came out. Now we one-shotted him.

For Sindy, we use 7 healers. There are two things I can suggest to make the fight way easier from that perspective. 1) Assign 2 raid healers and 2 tank healers. These healers ONLY do those assignments. When any of them get unchained, we have 3 healers that slide either up to tank healing or down to raid healing depending on who is unchained. So if two tank healers get taken out, we have a priority system of which of the 3 relief healers take over their job. When 2 raid healers go out, we have a set two that know they have to take over. 2) Healer communication is key. We have our healers (and only our healers) call out their name when they get unchained. This lets the relief healers know which role they have to slide into. It works well for us. We also have all DPS wear 1 piece of frost resist. That actually HELPS with melee DPS, because you resist more chilled to the bone and it lets you dps longer without resetting your stacks.

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