Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turns out Shaman are getting some changes in the next patch.

To the Ground!

So last week we got this message about planned shaman changes.


Just a few additions of Glyph in spell tooltips to properly reflect their effects when you use them. Nothing new.
Then yesterday they break the incoming nerfs in a warlock thread.

That was just a nerf to cleansing waters. since Shaman are doing so awesome right now  they figured they should take a whack at our utility. :/

Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)

•Chain Heal’s effectiveness has been increased by approximately 10%.
•Hex now has a PvP duration of 8 seconds.
•Purge now dispels a single effect instead of two.
•Tremor Totem has been redesigned. The totem is now usable under Fear, Charm, or Sleep effects, and pulses much more rapidly, but lasts 6 seconds and has a 1-minute cooldown.

Elemental Combat
•Earthquake damage has been increased by approximately 10%.

•Flametongue Weapon damage now scales from attack power instead of spell power (for Enhancement shaman only).
•Purge no longer has its mana cost reduced by Mental Quickness.

•Cleansing Waters no longer fires its heal effect twice when a shaman removes a Magic and a Curse debuff with a single cast.
•Deep Healing (Mastery) has been increased to 3% per point, up from 2.5%.
•Greater Healing Wave mana cost has been increased by 10%; healing done has been increased by 20%.
•Mana Tide Totem has been redesigned. The totem no longer multiplies the Spirit of those affected by it. It instead gives a flat amount of Spirit equal to 400% of the casting shaman’s Spirit, exclusive to short-term Spirit buffs affecting the shaman when the totem is dropped.
Actually there are some buffs in there. No one cares about Elemental but i suppose the extra EQ damage is nice for them.

Better Chain Heal is good. Deep Healing was terrible, so a buff there is good. I'll take a better GHW, especially a instant mana free MW proc one.

The purge nerf is BS. Once again PvP hoses PvE. If you can make the Hex change PvP only why not the purge change? 

I'm of two minds on Tremor totem. 6 second duration is horrible especially on a 1 minute CD.  Make fears castable only once a minute then it will be ok. However being able to use it while cc'd is nice for the times when you don't realize that the aoe fear is coming or miss time dropping it. Still the CD should be 30 seconds max.

The change I'm most happy about it  the Flametounge change. As long as they get the numbers right and its not hitting for any less.  I mean my damage is mediocre enough the way it is right now. But I don't want to be running dual flame tongue with a caster MH. Firstly because I don't want to be taking caster weapons from casters, but secondly it just feels so wrong, despite what Elam says. :p

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