Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No 4.0.6 yet..

...according to mmo champion at least.

So work has implemented a new web blocking protocol, which stops pretty  much all game related sites. I can still post to this blog, but most of the sites I pull info from are not available.

So this will just be a quick update post.

< Fire and Blood > downed Nefarian on 25 Sunday night. Now onto Hard Modes.
FnB passed our 3rd anniversary on the 21st of January. We've come a long way from 5 friends who played on an EU server and did a weekly Kara run. Now we are top guild on Quel'dorei, and ranked in the top 3-400 US. Yeah we are by no means world beaters, but for the relatively casual attitude we have, I'm very proud of how well we have done.

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