Monday, February 14, 2011

Hard Modes

Heroic Halfus down to FnB last Thursday. We spent about 90 minutes or So Wednesday wiping to him, Thursday we got him on our 4th pull, so not to bad.  Last night we started working on Heroic Chimaeron. Had a 2% wipe on our next to last pull of the night. So close. We will get him next week for sure.  We missed server first Heroic boss by a day.  One of the 10 man raids got Halfus the night before. I don't really like how there is no distinction between the two sizes anymore. Say what you want about the difficulty of the mechanics being equal, finding and organizing 25 people is 5 times as difficult as 10.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No 4.0.6 yet..

...according to mmo champion at least.

So work has implemented a new web blocking protocol, which stops pretty  much all game related sites. I can still post to this blog, but most of the sites I pull info from are not available.

So this will just be a quick update post.

< Fire and Blood > downed Nefarian on 25 Sunday night. Now onto Hard Modes.
FnB passed our 3rd anniversary on the 21st of January. We've come a long way from 5 friends who played on an EU server and did a weekly Kara run. Now we are top guild on Quel'dorei, and ranked in the top 3-400 US. Yeah we are by no means world beaters, but for the relatively casual attitude we have, I'm very proud of how well we have done.