Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Illidan Stormrage : DEAD!

Been a bit behind on updates. We took down Council on 7/3 and spent the next 2 raid nights working on Illidan. This reset it took us a bit longer than normal to clear, so we only got 1.5 hours on him on Sunday. So with one full night left this reset, we set ourselves to kill Illidan. Well, by we I mean my guild. I put myself on backup, because the fight is just so melee unfriendly and our other enhancement Shaman is now working nights most of the time, and hadn't gotten in for him yet. So I took one for the team at sat it out. It killed be listening in on Vent. 3% wipe, 3%wipe, 2%, 4%, they were getting so close, and I so wanted to be there. Finally at 15 minutes after raid time they decided to give it one more go, and Down he went.