Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm a Loot Sponge!

Well it was a pretty nice weekend of raiding. Friday went fairly well, We cleared the first 5 bosses in BT. I sat out the first 3, which went pretty smooth. We had a couple of new people we were trying out, and they performed well.

I came in after Akama, and we wiped on Gorefiend a few times. Some people are still having issues with constructs... to be fair myself included. I got ghosted, was just ready to go to the safe spot, when I got pounded and died in the raid. Anyways we got he down and lo and behold Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape. None of the hunters bid on it,and I had more dkp than the rogues, so it was mine! Woot! Its a pretty nice upgrade from Dory's Embrace. I was very happy. Especially after Wednesday's raid where we just had the worst luck on Archimonde, and had to leave him up.

So last night we set out to finish up BT. Well at least clear to Illidan. And we wiped on RoS. Not a stellar start. But we got it together and downed him. Then we one shotted Mother. Council has been a bear for us. The pull gets us a lot, with our mage tank getting pwned. So it was a pleasant surprise when we one shotted them. Left us over 2 hours to try and get Illidan down!

We wiped twice to eye beams in phase 2 due to miscommunication between the shard tanks and the raid leader. One wipe in phase 4 when the warlock tank took 2 huge hits right away, then we just pwned him the forth go. Picture perfect. I wouldn't say he's on farm status, but I definitely think we should have no problem downing him every week. And he drops... Skull of Guldan and another Cursed Vision of Sargeras! Curse you gorefiend for making me spend my dkp on your cloak. But our rogue leader had his T6 helm and decided to pass, and the hunter who bid had just spent his dkp on both T6 legs and Forest Prowler's Helm, so my 3 DKP wins! Cursed Vision for me! So long Cataclysm Helm You have served me faithfully. So two best in slot upgrades for me for the weekend. I was stoked.

Illidan went down so fast we still had almost an hour of raid time left, so we decided to go and finish off Archie. Wiped a couple of times, once at 13% when the tank got feared. But we got him down, and what should drop? WhyMidnight Chestguard of course. Remarkably no one else wanted this wonderful loot. A third best in Slot item!

At this point All I have left before sunwell is trinkets and Illidan's Signet ring.

Nice. :)

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