Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well that build isnt going to last long.

I hate to be a doom and gloomer. Really I do. And if our Wrath DPS was out of line then sure bring it back. But they way they went around it was pretty poorly thought out.
So within a day we get this post

Here are our concerns: Lavaburst makes scaling from spell damage so good that Enhancement shamans were debating wearing Elemental gear. Enhancement shamans were also looking at using caster daggers to maximize procs. Both of these trends would cause us severe item headaches down the road and also don't fit the kit of the tree.

We're changing Maestrom Weapon to no longer affect Lavaburst. We are also changing the proc rate to a proc per minute mechanic instead of a chance on hit.

To compensate for lost damage, we are raising Flurry back up to 30% max haste and raising Dual Wield back up to 6% hit.

I don't expect this news to be popular based on previous receptions to my posts here, but I remain an eternal optimist that you'll eventually come to realize that we are trying to get all of the classes balanced. Please try to keep that in mind.

And for all the intelligent, articulate suggestions and feedback, we do thank you

So we do get back 5% flurry and 3% DW hit. But this is the 3rd change to how MW works in 3 days from 100% chance on crit, to 15% chance on hit to a flat ppm. This lot affecting Lavaburst means enhancement will no longer use this. the auto crit from LvB synched incredibly well with Elemental devestation. Now.. not so much. Blizzard really just seems to be tossed crap up against the wall to see what works. 2 months ago was the time to be taking that approach. Less than 2 weeks before this stuff goes live is not.

ETA well at least they are listening. Shamans complained that out 51 pt talent was to scale based on str, which we no longer have.
Ghost crawler replies
From a quick glance, it looks like the wolves are not set up to scale the way the elementals are. This is a bug and we can get it fixed. And yes, it should be AP, not Strength.

Pets always showing up in autocast is annoying especially with so many pets now. We're trying to decide whether to fix it or overhaul the whole autocast system.

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