Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

For at least letting us know you are looking into the WF/FT issue. :)

Shaman (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Earth and Fire Elemental
The Earth Elemental isn't supposed to be a tank like paladins can be a tank. They are there as an oh snap button, such as in a situation where the tank goes down, or can't control all the adds or something. Understandably, it is going to be more useful in 5-player dungeons than in larger raids.

The Fire Elemental hasn't kept up with the rest of the shaman arsenal, and probably needs a buff. (Source)

Windfury vs. Flametongue
The designers are very aware of the WF vs. FT discussion. We are still talking about the issue and exploring different ways we can shift numbers back and forth. This is something I very much want to discuss with my team some more and it would be irresponsible for me to comment on our direction or solutions until that time. (Source)

This is a relief. They might end up nerfing FT of course, but at least they are aware of the WF scaling problem.

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