Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ulduar Week 2

< Fire and Blood > Made some progress in week 2 of Ulduar. We are back to 4 nights of raids. Wednesday we cleared everything that we had gotten down in week 1. Friday we had some attendance issues. Not enough tanks to work on progression, so considering that, and in light of the fact we had 2 raiders who had switched classes and had recently dinged 80 we went to Naxx. We also took along several social members so all in all while it was disappointing to not progress, it was worthwhile.

Sunday saw us back in Ulduar where we downed Ignis, and one shotted Auriaya. We then spent the rest of the evening working on Thorim. Last night we decided to go for Hodir and Freya, and we did down both of them, to make it 4 new bosses this week. Not exactly tearing through the bosses, but its steady progression at least. Hopefully by this time next week, I'm posting that we are working on Yogg-Saron.

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