Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So one week into Ulduar and we didn't get as far as I'd hoped. I missed half the raids due to family visiting. Bad timing with that. But we did manage to get. Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002, Assembly of Iron, and Kologarn.

My initial thoughts. I'm glad Ulduar is harder. It shouldnt be cleared in one week , by any but the hardest of hardcore guilds even if that. I've missed trash that couldnt just be grouped up and AoE'd down. I've missed working on bosses. I'm actually not a big fan of hard modes, but I understand why Blizzard went that route. So considering their bad players should still see all content philosophy I'm pleasently suprised at the difficulty I've seen so far.

I also got a cloak upgrade.Drape of the Lithe I need to run enhsim and get some new EP values. But my computer is on life support at the moment. It freezes up quite often when playing WoW, and I'm not sure why. It will freeze at other times but much less often. Its rapidly approaching 4 years old, so I ordered up a new core i7 rig the other day. It should be ready in the next day or so. Looking forward to running with nice video settings again. I've had to turn them all the way down since Wrath launched.

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