Friday, April 2, 2010

Down goes Arthas! Down goes Arthas!

< Fire and Blood > downed Arthas last night for the first time. I wasn't there. I was at a book signing. I have pretty mixed feelings on this. I'm extremely happy that my guild got past this hump. It did take the 10% buff for us to do it, as we spent the last four plus weeks wiping on him. But even with the buff its nice to have him down finally.

However, I'm sad that I missed it. Its there first big kill I havent been there for. Kael, Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, Maly, Yogg. I was there for them all. Ilidan, I sat myself for to give another player some time, but I was online and listening on vent when we downed him. This one I wasnt even home. It took only two tries, so they had a lot of time left, and went to Uldaur and killed Algalon for a guild first as well. Well Heroic Anub is still up. Maybe I need to miss more. :/

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