Friday, April 30, 2010

My e-peen is huge!

Who wants to touch me?

Fire and Blood had a pretty good raid night on Wednesday. We had gotten fairly close on Dreamwalker HM last week, so we wanted to concentrate on that fight this week. Seeing that we'd spent a couple of hours on Saurfang last week, we had been planning on just killing him in Normal mode, so we made sure we had time to kill LK, since we ran out of time last week. But since Hellscream's Warcry had been buffed to 15% we decided to give HM Saurfang a try or two. We ended up 1 shotting him.

Dreamwalker took 3-4 goes but we got her down/up too. So we are now sitting 8/12 HM ICC. That's like #900 something US, but its tops by far on Quel'dorei, since the previous top guild folded.

No one seemed to want any of the drops, on Wednesday, so I ended up taking several pieces. Band of the Bone Colossus was a very small upgrade to the Seal of Many Mouths so I took it. Rotface dropped Dual-Bladed Pauldrons, which are best in slot. Since I dont have any of the 277 Tier pieces I thought I'd swap in the Tier gloves for the shoulders to keep my 4pc and use these, as no one else wanted to spend dkp on them. But those plans changed when Festergut dropped a Carapace of Forgotten Kings, which of course no one else wanted.  So yesterday I used Rawr and Enhsim to figure out which combination of gear would be the best.  Turns out that swapping the 264 gloves in along with the Carapace was going to be best. So the Pauldrons sit in my bank.  This goes back to set bonuses being just to damn good these days. Its just not worth it to use offset pieces.

Of course my luck continued last night, as Blood Princes finally dropped Keleseth's Seducer, so now I've got the matched set of 277 fist weapons, Yay! It will be awhile before we are farming LK hard mode for Axes, so I'm likely done with weapons for now.


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