Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Were Prepared!

< Fire and Blood > Has been itching to take down some new bosses, so we ventured forth into the Black Temple last night. This was virgin territory for almost all of us, so people were excited.

All in all we did very well. We wiped once on High Warlord Naj'entus, and then downed him on our second try. It was a bit dicey as he shielded at 1% and someone used the spike before people were healed up and took out half the raid. But he went down, all the same.

From there we moved on to Supremus. We had some troubled with healers staying in range of the tanks, and people getting trapped by Volcanoes on the first attempt, but we regroup and downed him rather easily on our second try.

Shade of Akama we next up, and we had a couple of wipes there too. First time we had half of our ranged dps die to adds. Second try we had too many adds still up and Akama went down with shade under 5%. Finally on the third try we took him out.

So we are now 3/9 in BT to go with 2/5 Hyjal. We still need to down Kael before we are a true T6 guild though. Hopefully that will be next week.

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Green Armadillo said...

Good to hear you guys are getting some T6 farming in, even if you're not "officially" ready yet. I'm sure it will help out with DPS (and SR) checks later on.