Thursday, May 29, 2008

World Bosses

Bit of a weird raid night last night. We were planning on going into hyjal and we did. WEe pwned rage, and then the DC's started. Our Bear Tank Dc'd and couldn't get back on. I SC'd like 4 times in a row, and finally asked to be replaced. The raid ended up replacing several people before trying Anetheron. Lots of bad luck. Pally Tank DC'ing during trash, It was just a mess. So after 3 attempts, we decided to call Hyjal and take down some world bosses, as < Fire and Blood > had not attempted before. We invited all the back ups and headed to SMV and downed Doomwalker easy as pie. We then flew to Hellfire and took out Doom Lord Kazzak. So a couple of missing notches from our belt have been filled in. Then we headed to Gruul, for our weekly attempt at a DST for our melee. No luck again.

I also need to update that < Fire and Blood > downed Kaz'rogal and Azgalor last Friday. I'm kinda bummed that I missed the run, but had other plans. Sunday was BT. Supremus dropped a Syphon of the Nathrezim which I picked up. Nice slow 2.8 speed. Would have rather had the Axe from Naj'entus though

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