Monday, June 2, 2008


So Friday night we took up where we left off in Hyjal. We one shotted. Anetheron, Kar'rogal, and Azgalor, which left us plenty of time to work on Archie. We were having issues with people dying for a bit, but finally on try 7 everything clicked. At about 40% I got the feeling that he was going down. People were avoiding the doomfires. Our dispellers were on the spot , no one was cratering, it was smooth as silk. Got him to 10% and it was beautiful. Everyone just unloaded and down he went.

That's Kael in one reset, Archie in the next for < Fire and Blood >. I was so proud of everyone.

So with Hyjal cleared we went back into Black Temple. One shots of Naj'entus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama followed. So it was on to a new progression boss. Teron Gorefiend. Its and extremely easy fight aside from one thing. The Shadowy Constructs. Being that is was almost everyone first time there, we had some issues with them. We were pretty close, getting him to 30% first try, but we kept getting to many constructs. Try five was a 2% wipe....argggg! Finally we got him down on try #7. So that's 2 new bosses this reset with us scheduled to go after Bloodboil tonight.

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