Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turn this Mutha OUT!

We went into Mother as soon as we had 24 people with SR gear. One little hiccup on our first go, before downing her easy on our second attempt. Dropped one of each token and the off hand sword.

We didn't think it would go that fast so we were a bit unprepared for the Illidari Council. We wiped on them for the rest of the raid, but it was good practice.

We are rapidly approaching the big blindfolded guy himself.... I'm pretty excited.

Picked up Bloodsea Brigand's Vest this weekend. Funny how perspectives change. On Bannonn, I would have killed for this. Heck 2 months ago on Baleor I'd have killed for this. But with Archi on farm, I can't help but view this as just a placeholder. I'm such an elitist. :p

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CashQuest said...

Nice picture ! Is that an Enhancement Shaman ?