Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reliquary of Souls

This fight took us as much time as Kael I think. One night last reset giving it a few tries after downing Bloodboil. More than half of Sunday night after Bloodboil again, and about 3 hours last night before finally downing him. We found a better strategy for Phase one last night so for the most part it went very smooth. Took us a few goes to get the interrupting down in Phase 2. Thats just so critical. One missed interrupt dazes the tank, which results in one or two melee getting killed, which is trouble as they are the interrupters, just making the whole fight spiral out of control. Got him to phase 3 probably half a dozen times, getting better every time. 405 wipe, then %20%, then 6%, 2%, 1% til we finally took him down.
Really fun fight, very challenging, and people really need to be on the ball.

Now we are up against the Shadow Resist roadblock. We only have 14 people with enough gear atm. So its farm , farm, farm for us.

Picked up Fists of Mukoa this week, and bought Anelista's Revenge a week or so ago. Still need upgrades for boots and bracers. Midnight Chestguard off of Archie would be pretty nice as well. The Bracers will drop from Rage or Teron sooner or later. Actually the ones did drop off of Gorefiend, last week, but I'd just spent my DKP on the gloves. For boots I'd like the Shadowmster's Boots off of Mother Shahraz, but that's probably a month before we get to that fight, so I'll likely either get the badge boots or hope for Gorefiend to drop his boots.

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Kalon said...

Bah. We spent way longer on Kael - at least two full raids wiping on him plus another 2 half raids. This wasn't nearly as bad; our first full night of just him and we got him.

And yeah, the P1 change was a huge difference. So much nicer to be able to stand there and dps from melee.