Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'll admit it.

I'm dreading 3.0
I'm very sure in knowing what gear is good for me. What stats I want, How to enchant, how to gem, I've got it down pat. Once 3.0 hits though... I've no idea. Do I want to gem for AP? Crit? Agi?

They are making huge changes to the core mechanics of my class, and they arent done tinkering. In Beta atm, you actually want a fast off hand with Flame Tongue for max dps. How am I to plan for this? They claim that using a caster weapon gives you better dps. They are taking out any reason to subspec resto. They are taking out Nature's Guidence and its 3% hit. Totems are going to 30' untalented. Improved Ahnk isnt gonna get me into resto, as handy as it is. None of my gear has Str on it, so in theory It should still be good. My gems though are almost all Bold Crimson Spinels. Its going to hurt replacing about 15 of those.


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Green Armadillo said...

In my view, patch 3.0 is a huge mistake that is going to do a lot of damage to the level 70 raid game, just like 2.0 gutted the level 60 raid game. Unfortunately, Blizzard didn't want people to cancel their subscriptions when TBC failed to make X-Mas 2006, and they don't want people to cancel their subscriptions when Warhammer comes out next week (I'd be shocked if patch 3.0 isn't on the PTR's before Thursday). People like Fire and Blood who are actually in the position to make progress in the month or two that will be wiped out by this patch just get the short end of the stick.

Though I guess at least y'all can get your Illidan killing achievements logged. :-/