Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Latest Beta changes

Spectral Transformation replaced
We're going to be dumping Spectral Transformation. We decided we weren't cool with the Shaman's Ghost Wolf being too close to a core Druid iconic ability. What will replace it is a deep Enhancement Talent that will cause your Earthbind totem to clear all snares each time it pulses on you and all nearby friendly targets.

Terrible change. Totems get killed, outranged etc. If they buff the totem then maybe its ok, but I don't see that happening

Shaman DPS a lot lower than expected
A lot of tuning still has to be done, but it's safe to say your DPS is a lot lower than what should be expected. All DPS classes/specs after we are done tuning should yield a pretty similar DPS with similar gear 'min/max' speccing. It's going to take a bit of time until we reach that goal, though.

I hope they get this figured out before the patch. I'm already upset that not only will I need to replace 5K worth of gems, and enchants, but that re itemization on the shaman tier gear makes them 10% weaker in a raid setting, by converting str to ap.

Maelstrom Weapons changes
We will have it proc from Windfury soon. Also we're going to allow it to also allow you to cast heals with Maelstrom procs

Reportedly they are changing this to not reset the swing timer. Could be fun.

ETA Spirit Wolves update

Feral Spirit (Tier 11) is now implemented. Pet skills include :

Bash - Your Spirit Wolves stun the target for 2 sec. (45 sec cooldown)
Twin Howl - Your Spirit Wolves howl, forcing all enemies to attack them for 6 sec. (15 sec cooldown)
Spirit Walk - Removes all movement impairing effects and increases the movement speed of you and your Spirit Wolves by 60% for 15 sec. (25 yd range, 32 sec cooldown)
Spirit Hunt - Your Spirit Wolves' attacks heal them and you for 5 sec. (10 sec cooldown)

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