Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moar Changes

Elemental Combat

Stoneclaw totem also protects your other totems, causing them to absorb damage.


Riptide heal value has been increased. (764-826 to 1015-1099 for Rank 4, 668-722 to 888-960 for Rank 3, etc ...)
Mana Spring Totem now restores 30 mana every 2 seconds. (Old - 90 mana every 5 seconds)


Storm, Earth, and Fire doesn't increase the effect of spell power on your Lightning Bolt but reduces the cooldown of Chain Lightning by 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 sec instead.

Stoneclaw is a buff. sort of. The totems you want to protect most are earthtotems however. So it also mostly pointless. In PvE you will use SoE so you arent dropping Stoneclaw. In PvP you want Tremor or perhaps Earthbind. I don't see this being used much.

Riptide. Making a crappy 51pt talent a bit less crappy. Good I guess, but it doesnt reduce the bitterness resto feels over removing spirit link.

Nerf to Mana spring a loss of 15 mp5.. pretty substantial imo.

Huge nerf to Storm earth and fire. CL is a mana hog, reducing the cd at the expense of spellpower boost on your main nuke hurts a lot. So we get 2 small semi usless buffs at the cost of two large nerfs. Yay Blizz!

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