Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hit level 80 last night. Sooner than I thought I might prior to release, but still a lot slower than many in my guild who've been running heroics for a week and took 2 groups into Naxx10 this week. Sigh. 10 levels in 12 days shouldn't seem like you are already behind the game but it does. Oh well now time to start with the getting geared up.

My crit chance has plummeted from almost 34% unbuffed to barely 20%. My Hit rating is sorely lacking as is my expertise. Well at least AP didn't degrade.

New caps to shoot for

Hit: 368 hit rating. This is the hit cap vs boss level mobs counting a 3% raid hit buff from Misery or Farie Fire.

Expertise : 205 expertise rating. This is 25 expertise which negates 6.25% dodge chance of boss mobs. If I could find axes I'd only need 164 rating but Blizzard hates orcs so there are almost no top end axes for shamans.

Crit : no rating needed as agi adds crit as well. I like a minimum of 30% crit unbuffed. Crit rating provides 1% crit per 45.9 rating, Agi provides 1% crit per 83.3agi

Lots of work to do. Lots of rep to grind for patterns and shoulder and head enchants.
I need to farm up leather as well. No rest for the weary.

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