Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunwell Clear

Kil'Jaeden went down for the count Sunday night. It was pretty much on our third night of attempts. So while he has been nerfed its still not a fight you can grab 24 people off of /trade and do. It certainly was a bit less climactic than downing Kael, but all in all its something I'm very proud that < Fire and Blood > accomplished. From rerolling on Quel'Dorei at the end of January, I never dreamed that we'd manage to clear every raid in TBC before Wrath hit. I huge thanks to everyone who is and was a part of it.

RNG was finally nice to us as well as Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury dropped. Grats to Uhohhotdog. It also caused huge drama on the Realm Forums If it didn't involve my guild I'd have been much more ammused by it. Drama can be entertaining, but I don't want FnB to be involved in it.

He also dropped some nice gloves for me
Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets

So we've got another week and a day before Wrath its to farm Sunwell. Lets hope we get lucky on a few more drops for people.

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Dagashai said...

Asa fellow shammy blogger, just wanted to say hi.. I gotta coupla posts up about insane ideas I've been havin about elemental/deep enhance builds, and would love yuir input.