Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Bruise

I picked up Black Bruise last night, so its finally time to retire Golden Saronite Dragon We killed a lot of mobs togehter GSD. I cant bring myself to DE it, so its sitting in my bank for the moment.

As you can see the stats on Black Bruise are fairly lacking, 69 Stam and 93 ap. Its the proc that has to make this weapon valuable. Early speculation of the proc chance had it around 1% which made it fairly worthless. Testing since has shown the proc chance to be around 3.3%. Enhsim modeling shows it to be worth about 205 dps or a 2.21% boost. My parses on Rotface showed it doing about 126 dps, but of course there is a considerable about of time running around and not attacking on that fight. All in all it turns out that this is a pretty nice weapon, and the heroic version is going to be our Best in Slot choice.

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