Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wing 2

so the second wing of ICC opened this week. FnB headed in there last night and my initial impression is that is pretty cool. Fun bosses, Fun trash, Fun Voices. It also requires a lot of individual responsiblity on the boss fights. That tends to be trouble for us. We managed to get Festergut down in two tries. The first time we wiped was because two melee got the debuff, and neither wanted to run out. Rotface was trouble for us. People couldn't seem to handle kiting the small oozes into the big ooze. Hopefully it will go better tonight.

Since its been a month since my last post, I'll give a few thought on how ICC has gone so far. I like the fights. Gunship is a blast. Saurfang is great, I mean I like a stand there and DPS my ass off fight once in awhile. I think they nerfed Lady Deathwhisper too soon, but that is a very interesting fight as well.

My problem with ICC is the Tier gear. The pieces themselves are great. The set bonuses are great. But they arent drops. I HATE that you have to farm emblems for them. 405 of them for the full set. Not to mention that most Enhancement Shaman are going to want the Trinket and the Totem. The Cloak and The Belt are very desireable as well. I raid 25 mans 4 nights a week. I don't really have the time or the inclination to do the same raid in a 10 man as well. Much less to run 5 mans for emblems everyday. I understand that Blizzard wants to help out casual players. But I disgree with them doing it by effectively forcing more serious raiders to farm useless content for badges.


Rakhman said...

I also dislike having to farm Frost for tier pieces, I much preferred being lucky and getting the drop off a boss.

I raid 10 mans once a week or sometimes not at all, plus the weekly raid sometimes. I don't like having to run random heroics 2 more days of the week, and even then I don't think I'll get all the gear I want, unless we start clearing ICC really quickly, and I would assume the wings hold a higher challenge than the opening bosses do.

Race said...

I havent done 10 man for the 2nd wing yet, butRotface and Festergut are much harder than any of the bosses in the first wing on 25. Putricide is incredibly difficult espcially since you only get 10 tries. I think only half a dozen guilds worldwide killed him in the first night, and maybe another 20 since.

Anonymous said...
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