Thursday, January 21, 2010


Enhancement is my gig. Its what I enjoy about playing a Shaman. However, as I've complained about in previous posts the badge grind is how shall I put it?... A GRIND! I've never been one to pug, however with the new LFG tool, pugging has become if not enjoyable, at least convenient. Well aside from the tedious queue times at least. Baelor isn't a gatherer so I can't mine or herb while waiting. Fishing is a possibility I suppose, but the point is I don't want to wait 30 minutes to run a stupid pug. So I have been queueing as a healer. I know, I know... Baelor you say, you aren't a healer, you have no experience as resto. False! I healed BT on a fun run once time. I also healed Gundrak, or Drak Tharon.. I get confused. I healed the one with the T-Rex boss. So there!

Anyways. I've picked up a lot of resto gear over time, I've spent the gold to enchant it and gem it.. what the hell I might as well use it, and since queue times for healers are more like 20 seconds as opposed to 20 minutes... well I've actually been using my off-spec. Besides, unless I get one of the ICC instances, I can heal most of them using healing stream and earthshield. Toss in a riptide, and unless dps is standing in shit its a breeze.

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