Thursday, September 2, 2010


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•Chain Heal - Increases healing done by your Chain Heal spell to targets beyond the first by 15%, but decreases the amount received by the initial target by 10%. (Your Chain Heal heals 1 additional target.)
•Earthliving Weapon - Increases the effectiveness of your Earthliving weapon's periodic healing by 20%. (Increases the chance for your Earthliving weapon to trigger by 5%.)
•Elemental Mastery - While your Elemental Mastery ability is active, you take 20% less damage from all sources. (Reduces the cooldown of your Elemental Mastery ability by 30 sec.)
•Fire Nova - Increases the radius of your Fire Nova spell by 5 yards. (Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Nova spell by 3 seconds.)
•Ghost Wolf - Your Ghost Wolf form grants an additional 10% movement speed.
•Healing Stream Totem - Your Healing Stream Totem also increases the Fire, Frost, and Nature resistance of party and raid members within 30 yards by 150. (Your Healing Stream Totem heals for an additional 20%.)
•Hex - Reduces the cooldown of your Hex spell by 15 sec. (Increases the damage your Hex target can take before the Hex effect is removed by 20%.)
•Lava Burst - Your Lava Burst spell deals 10% more damage. (Your Lava Burst spell gains an additional 10% of your spellpower.)
•Totemic Recall *New* - Causes your Totemic Recall ability to return an additional 50% of the mana cost of any recalled totems.
•Lightning Shield - Your Lightning Shield can no longer drop below 3 charges from dealing damage to attackers.
•Grounding Totem *New* - When your Grounding Totem absorbs a spell, it attempts to reflect that spell on its caster, but the cooldown of your Grounding Totem is increased by 45 sec.
•Arctic Wolf *New* - Alters the appearance of your Ghost Wolf transformation, causing it to resemble an arctic wolf.
•Shamanistic Rage *New* - Activating your Shamanistic Rage ability also cleanses you of all dispellable Magic debuffs.
•Water Shield - Increases the passive mana regeneration of your Water Shield spell by 50%. (Up from 30%)
Well I'm not seeing anything that makes me think I'll be switching any of my major glyphs.  There does appear to be some healing nerfs with chain heal and healing stream. Earthliving seems to be a boost, and the resistances from Healing stream look to be ok.

Well 10% to lava burst is very nice on 2nd glance. With LvB being on Maelstrom Weapon we will be using it on CD as much as we can to keep elemental devastation up.

There is a lot of situational use here though, and with the swapability of glyphs I can certainly see  using Hex when you need CC, SR on certain fights, and Fire Nova for big add fights.

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Gronthe said...

From what I understand there is a 1 hour cooldown when you use a glyph (or glyph slot, I'm not quite sure). So you won't be able to switch between glyphs between every fight, but only once per hour. I would like to find confirmation somewhere, and if you know anything that'd be great.

Sorry to see the nerf to HS Totem, but it allows all totem resists to be up without actually using the resist totems, which I can see coming in handy.