Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So I hit 80 on Tormund last night. His gear is pretty lousy, but I did craft him a few pieces. Giantmaim Leggards and Ice Strider's Cloak as well is Virulent Spaulders and Swiftarrow Helm I alsp purchased a couple of BoE blues on the AH. The biggie though is Nesingwary 4000. I've got a guildie making that for me. Dropped about 700g in the AH on mats, not counting the Orb which I already had. Much cheaper than buying the gun which was up for 1350g.

I've been using my gorilla pet pretty much exclusively to level, so I need to level my other pets. Sadly I said goodbye to SerPounce my black panther. I don't want to spend days looking for the Spirit Beast to tame, But I think that the Cursed Offspring of Har'koa are even cooler looking.
Black with glowing red eyes > White with blue eyes in my opinion. I am planning on replacing my wolf as well. I had a Ghostpaw Alpha from back in Ashenvale, I replaced it with one of the pitch black worgs in the oilfields of BT, but when tamed the black went away, and its just gray. So I need to decide whether to get a black worg or a white worg. I'll probably go White and name him Ghost again. An Orc hunter should have a wolf pet.

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