Monday, January 5, 2009

So long 2008

The year in WoW, 2008. Well 2008 was the start of my 2nd year playing WoW, and boy has a lot changed. A year ago today, I was still playing Bannonn, on Argent Dawn EU. I was doing my weekly Kara run at 7am Saturday morning. Running ZA, I think we had 3 bosses down there. I had some nice gear. S2 mace, The Decapitator, Bear Shoulders from ZA. S3 helm. Hourglass of the Unraveller. I was pretty happy.

Then my other American friends playing on AD approached me about rerolling on a US server. "But... But... I can't transfer! I'll lose all my stuff! I'll never get all this great gear again!" But in the end they talked me into it. We'd level up and farm kara and get new gear. Maybe we'd get a chance to do SSC and TK too. Mask of Sorrow, our guild on EU was work in T5 raids, but I only got to go in if I had a day off from work. I had done Leo, Karathress, and Hydross, I'd done Void Reaver, but I wasn't a raider.

So we rerolled on Quel'dorei. I rolled a priest. My friends said wtf? so I rolled a hunter. I got about 4 levels and realized, I was a Shaman at heart. So I rolled Baelor. He turns 1 in a couple of weeks. He's downed every raid boss in TBC, and every raid boss in Wrath. He had best in slot or near best in slot gear for pretty much everything pre-Wrath. My friends and I built our guild from our group of 6 into a guild of over 180 characters. We went from hoping to run Kara, to being the only Horde guild to down Kil'Jaeden on QD.

2008. It was a good year for me in WoW.

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