Monday, December 29, 2008

My Kingdom for an Axe

Dovetailing off my last post looking for expertise, I wanted to comment on the availability or lack there of, of One-handed Axes in Wrath.
Here is a link to Wowhead of all the epic level 80 1H axes in the game. Nine axes. Not so bad you might say. Well 8 of them are Arena axes. Deadly costs 3150 arena points and require a 2030 rating. I'm not a PvPer. Unless I switch my focus to that, a 2030 rating is not within my reach. I'm cool with that. However give me a PvE alternative. How about that ninth Axe. Last Laugh 171.6 dps, that's nice. 1.6 speed. Acceptable for an offhand, not for a main hand. 24 hit is nice as well, but High Str, Stam, parry, and defense? That is a tanking weapon my friends. Alas what is an orc Shaman to do? Wield one of the 17 Maces, 25 Daggers, or 14 Fist Weapons I guess, and just forget we even have Axe Specialization That 5 expertise wouldn't come in handy at all. :/

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Green Armadillo said...

A lot of gear tables aren't all that fleshed out right now. Hopefully this is just Blizzard leaving room to grow next patch....