Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Last night we went to kill Malygos, it was going pretty well, we got him down to the low teens when we had some people DC during wipe recovery. That was bad. Then one person was AFK for about 10 minutes, came back and had to leave because he was ill. Then the only hunter who showed up last night perma dc'ed. We were already melee heavy and we had no ranged to replace him with. In theory we have plenty of people, but we are hurting on ranged DPS at the moment. Our attendence has been pretty shaky by a lot of folks lately. One of out mages has been ill, another is working late, 2 Warlocks rerolled DK, our Elemental Shammy rerolled DK as well. One hunter has family issues and has been absent, Our Shadow Preist is going to grad school and is dropping out of raiding. So we ended up having to cancel the raid which was Ugly.

So I took a break for a bit and watched some MNF which I dont get to see often. I came back and did mu Hodir dailys and then we went and did 25 man Archavon.
Boy we need to farm him everyweek. He's the new loot reaver. Four epics for 10 minutes work. He dropped Valorous Earthshatter War Kilt, which was great beacuse my pants were, well pants, a medicore quest reward. Huge upgrade there. The 2 emblems of valor got me to 25 as well so I bought Ring of Invincibiltyas I was usuing a quest reward there as well. So amidst the Bad and the Ugly, there was some Good.

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