Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WTB Expertise

So with getting rid of all my Sunwell T6 gear, I've found that I'm woefully short on Expertise. Of course I went to Wowhead and did a search for mail armour with expertise. This list is a bit ugly. 6 items. 4 are the T7 chest and shoulders in both 10 and 25 man versions. the 5th is Cult's Chestguard which I already have. The last is Helmet of the Shrine from heroic Gundrak. If they want Shamans to wear mail maybe they should put one of our best stats on a few more pieces. Sure its no good to hunters, but Enhancements need 214 rating to cap for dodge. I see 117 maximum on my armor.

Well lets look at other spots
Rings. Aha here we have 7 choices. We are saved. But wait. 6 of them have Str on them. Str is now one of our worst stats these days. The only one with out wasted budget is Hemorrhaging Circle which also drops in Heroic Gundrak. There are 3 cloaks, 2 of which are tanking items. 2 necks, 1 is for tanks. 1 Trinket.

So really its not looking good. Looks like I need to grab some leather, or stock up on Precise Scarlet Rubies, eat more Rhinolicious Wyrmsteak, and drink lots of Elixir of Expertise

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