Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obsidion Sanctum

Last official raid before the holiday break last night. We went for Sarth plus 2 drakes. We had some issues. Raid comp wasn't ideal. Now 25 man Sarth is easy peasy. if you clear all 3 drakes. Watch out for the flame waves and that's about it. Even if you ear a wave or two its not that big of a deal. However leaving drakes up make is a lot tougher. There are more adds, there are void portals that one shot you.

Now I'm not claiming that Enhancement DPS is hard. Its not. It does require that attention needs to be paid to your cool downs. It also requires you to stay on target. Sarth with 2 drakes sucks. The hit box on the drakes is tiny. They have flappy wings that block your view. I'm not sure why but the range for Stormstrike and Lava Lash is closer than for autoattack. Watching my cooldowns, watching for lave wave, watching for the void zones amidst Hurricanes, death and decay, and consecrates is a royal pain. My computer is having issues and my fps was dropping into single digits. So I was sucking. We needed to get another tank in so I volunteered to sit if needed. We still had issues and so with an hour left in the raid they decided to just go for 1 drake. That went much easier. T7 gloves dropped. They got sharded. :(

As there was still time left we put together 3 groups for 10 man OS. My group gave 1 drake several tries, but we couldn't manage all the adds, and the dragon. So we just downed him alone. Protector dropped, so I did get the T7.1 Gloves. I also got enough badges for Mirror of Truth. Along with Boots of the Great Construct which I picked up Sunday, I've finally replaced all my prewrath gear save for my Cursed Vision. Malygos did drop the Blue Aspect helm Sunday, but I'd blown my dkp on the boots.

However with all my Sunwell gear gone, I'm really hurting for Expertise. That brings us to my next post....

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