Thursday, February 21, 2008

Buffs please?

Kalgan worried about drowning in the sea of tears produced by all the shaman crying has posted that buffs are incoming too.

Shamans in general will be getting buffs to go along with their nerfs. Bear in mind that there's still quite a bit that hasn't been implemented yet.

I'd share some of these with you, but some of them might not be technically do-able for this patch, which in turn changes some of our decisions about exactly what changes we make, so we're hesitant to give specifics until the work has been done.

Philosophically though, we're planning to make a number of improvements related to the totem dropping mechanic, improving specific under-used totems, and a few other non-totem related improvements.

To provide a little bacground, our general outlook on the class is that they're actually in good shape for all 3 specs for raid PvE, on the weak side for heroic PvE, pretty solid in battlegrounds and 5v5, on the weak side in 3v3, and pretty well gimped in 2v2. We're hoping to get at least 1 spec viable in 2v2 for this patch (we're thinking Enhance), but hopefully all three specs will be viable for 3v3.

Check HERE for a compiliation thread on the subject.

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