Monday, February 25, 2008

Zangarmarsh Cleared

Hit level 64 on Baelor yesterday, and finished up all the Zangarmarsh quests. Now its on to Terokkar.

We also got a Slave Pens run in too and I got 2 nice drops. Tracker's Belt and Deft Handguards.

What I really need are a couple of weapon upgrades.

I also ended up leveling up fishing and cooking. Did the artisan questlines for both and I'm sitting at 231 fishing and 280 cooking. 10-20 minutes of fishing is usaually about all I can take in one go, but I really wanted to level up cooking for the outlands food buffs. I worked a bit on enchanting as well. Got that up to 295 but In addition to being insanely expensive at 4G each, Illusion dust was totally absent from the AH yesterday. I bought all the armour that wasn't severly overpriced, but had the bad luck to get more essences and even a shard than I did dusts. Why can't that happen with outlands gear? :)

Mining on the otherhand was incredibly easy to level in outlands. I hit 375 without even trying.

I'm hoping to say I hit 70 by this time next week, but that might be a tad optomistic, as I only got 4 levels this past week.

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