Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GIEF Badges!

Well I went through Loot Rank and checked on what Badge loot I'll want/need, and its not so bad. :p I only need 776 badges for the enhancement items I want. Thats just 36 full Kara clears. Throw in a couple of Herioc Dailies per week thats an extra 10-12 badges cuts it down to 6 months.

Here is my list
Dory's Embrace 60
Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard 100
Master Assassin Wristwraps 35
Gauntlets of Rapidity 75
Belt of the Silent Path 75
Trousers of the Scryers' Retainer 100
Nyn'jah's Tabi Boots 60
Sunwell Badge Ring 60
Bloodlust Brooch 41
Stonebreaker's Totem 20
Vanir's Right Fist of Brutality 105
Vanir's Left Fist of Brutality 45

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Green Armadillo said...

The current PTR build includes SOLOABLE badges via some of the Shattered Sun daily quests. There are five dailies (two of which get updated quest text as the city is built) that yield Shattered Sun Supplies, a box that can contain a badge of justice. I haven't seen any hard numbers on the drop rate yet, and I'm sure the quests in question will be camped so hard, they'll make Nethermine Ravagers look like the most common mob in the game (even if you own all the gear, badges buy Nethers, which are now saleable), but in principle this may speed up the process a bit.