Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Wow Timeline

I'm relatively new to the World of Warcraft. I played Everquest back in the day from the release of Kunark to the release of Planes of Power, iirc. That was my only other MMO, but I've always loved RPG's
I've played the hell out of all the Elder Scrolls from Arena, to Daggerfall, to Morrowind, to Oblivion. I also have loved all the stuff Blizzard has ever done, and spent many a full night playing Diablo 2 on Battlenet.

So WoW should have been a no brainer for me, but I knew how much I'd like it, so I resisted its siren's call for a long time. Finally enough of my friends talked me into it, and the rest as they say... is history

3/24/07 Download the EU version of WoW. Roll a Tauren Shaman
3/29 level 15
4/6 level 28
4/23 level 40
4/30 level 46
5/9 level 52
5/17 level 57
5/21 level 60
6/11 level 70
So about 2.5 months to hit 70

Living in the US and playing on EU time made raiding a bit dificult. I only could do the weekend 10 mans and the occasional weekday 25 when I had a day off from work. I cleared Kara many times as well as downed the Bear, Eagle, and Lynx in ZA. For 25's these are the bosses I helped down. Gruul, Mags, Void Reaver, Hydross, Karathress, and Leo.

Do to the leaving of many good friends from our raid on EU and the difficulties of dealing with a 5 hour time difference, most of the Americans playing over there decided to reroll on a US server for a chance to see more content.

On 1/22/08 I rerolled on Quel'dorei US PvE. I rolled an Orc Shaman. Its taken me 3 weeks to hit 58, so quite a bit faster than my first time through. Of course I actually understand my class theorycrafting now, so I'm not stacking spirit anymore :p

We have a guild that we are looking to grow and raid with. Fire and Blood.
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