Thursday, April 24, 2008

Al'ar dead.

Al'ar downed.
I put myself on back up for the fight. We are melee heavy as a raid, and normally on boss fights w/o lots of AOE melee hold down most of the top 7-8 dps spots. But we couldn't take 3 rogues, 3 dps warrior, and 2 enhancement shamans up agaisnt Al'ar. So we sat one of each group. Sucks missing out on a first kill. But I can't very well tell people that everyone needs to go on back-up on occasion if I don't put myself there too. We swapped people back in for VR and Solarian. I did end up picking up Vambraces of EndingThey were a small upgrade, but an upgrade none the less. I've got family visiting this weekend, so no raids for me. But Fire and Blood is now 5/6 & 3/4 in T5 as well as 2/5 in Hyjal. Time to start working on Vashj and Kael.

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