Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WWS Reports

I love the WWS reports. If you do well it strokes your e-peen. If you do not so well, it can help show you what you are doing wrong. As a GL it helps me to see who in the raid could use some improvement. Its an invaluable tool if used correctly. I posted the screenshot for our first Vashj kill cause well... I'm e-peening a bit there. :p ( To be fair I was on the Elite nagas in phase two so so I wasn't running all over chasing elementals. That help keep the dps up. I'm no where near the top dpser in our raid. Still I'm pretty happy /flex )

1 comment:

Kalon said...

You were also top DPS for the night, so I'd say you were doing something right.

Grats on that. :)

I try and not use WWS too much for the overall stuff and instead try and figure out what I did on specific fights. Hopefully others do the same. I wish there was a way to filter it so that everything non-boss related was removed and correlated.